Bruce Beresford

Two-Time Academy Award Nominee and Hollywood Director “Bruce Beresford” talks to James Pratt on “Why he has cast Morgan Freeman, Pierce Brosnan and John Lithgow more than once. 

Directing “Driving Miss Daisy “and why EDDIE MURPHY’S name was brought up in casting by the studio in casting, plus the story of how he cast an extra to be the lead role in one of his films.

Trisanne Marin

James Pratt talks to Leading Hollywood Talent Manager Trisanne Marin about “How To Dominate In Hollywood ” along with the correct information on “What Hollywood Casting Agents Like to See From Actors” and “Why Now is A Great Time to be An Actor in Hollywood.”

John L Simpson

Highly acclaimed international producer, John L Simpson shares his experiences working with some of the best actors in Hollywood and China includingGuy Pearce and Chinese movie star Zhu Lin. Along with key advice he’s learned working on Co-Chinese film productions ,and how to get a film distributed within the current Chinese film industry.

Adam Scott

Spectrum Films General Manager Adam Scott shares his insight working on some of Hollywood’s most successful films including, Alien Covenant, District 9, Hacksaw Ridge and The Great Gatsby, along with offering key advice for anyone filming a feature film.